New beginings @Vitasta Design Studio
Hey there!

As we all settle into 2019, we travel in new directions. For the last six years, VITASTA has been a brand founded on a simple philosophy of “Everyday luxury”

Minimal style, craftsmanship and high quality remain the heart and soul of our products. We hope we are lucky enough to keep doing that for the future.

What’s new that we found after careful consideration, is the need for the modern Indian aesthetic to become stronger than ever before, a voice free from the clutter of trends, the lure of consumption and social media mayhem. A lot more than just making stuff, we need to communicate these voices through tangible products and intangible values.

So we’re starting to define what Indian fashion and design means to us, blog, share our ideas, work with other like-minded brands and function like a design studio seeking inspiration from our amazing culture and the people that influence us everyday.

And more news, we moved into a new space, complete with a vegetable garden and lots of summer sun! We would love to share pics!



 If you’d love a visit please contact us here

Until next time, have a great weekend everyone!